Dalboz of Gurth

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Dalboz of Gurth was the Third Dungeon Master, appearing in Zork: Grand Inquisitor as a disembodied spirit trapped in the iconic brass lantern. He attended GUE Tech Eastlands with Mir Yannick, who would become the titular Grand Inquisitor. Shortly after graduation Dalboz became the Third Dungeon Master when the Second Dungeon Master retired. His reign over the Great Underground Empire was short-lived, however, as the Age of Magic came to an end soon after and the Age of Science began. Dalboz was sprayed with Frobozz Electric Wizard Repellant by Yannick, causing his spirit to be torn from his body and left to drift aimlessly until becomming trapped in the lantern. The lantern was later found by a traveling PermaSuck salesman who helped Dalboz defeat Yannick and restore magic to Quendor. It is unclear what became of Dalboz after that event, but the PermaSuck salesman seems to have become the Fourth Dungeon Master.

In the gameplay mechanics of Zork: Grand Inquisitor, Dalboz essentially serves as the narrator. Dalboz's voice is provided by Michael McKean, a well-known televison and film actor whose other credits include Laverne and Shirley and The X-Files.