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Digging can sometimes be necessary to find hidden objects in a game. It may also be possible to tunnel through a soft wall or to bury an object in the ground. Such actions should be clearly clued if they are necessary in an IF game, since they are not always obvious things to try.

Verb Checklist

  • DIG
  • DIG (IN) x (ground, sand, etc.)
  • DIG UP x (a partly exposed object)
  • DIG THROUGH x (wall, etc.)
  • ... all of the above WITH x (shovel, etc.)

Where To Dig

Try digging where there is a distinctive patch of ground, such as some bare earth under a tree, or in an area which is easy to dig (eg. in sand).

Digging Tools

The presence of a shovel (aka spade) is an obvious clue that there is somewhere to dig in the game. Other possible tools include a pick, pickaxe, trowel, cup or spoon (if you have a lot of time!) ... or just with your bare hands.

Burying Objects

It is rare for games to allow the player to dig a hole and bury something in it. Possible syntax is "DIG HOLE. PUT x IN HOLE. FILL (IN) HOLE (or PUT DIRT IN HOLE)." or simply "BURY x." The object could be retrieved later on with "DIG UP x" or just "DIG".