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David Good was born in 1966 in Columbus, Ohio, where he currently resides. He moved to Melbourne, Florida in 1987 and began composing IF using ADRIFT in 2001. His first completed game, Melbourne Beach, was essentially a sketch of his home at the time. He repeated this concept in 2002 with his IFComp entry, A Party To Murder, after moving to a different house.

His most acclaimed game to date is the 2001 ADRIFT Spring Comp 2001 winner, Menagerie. Menagerie was recognized primarily because it was one of the first ADRIFT games to implement graphics, sounds and mathematical formulas, which at the time were newly introduced into ADRIFT. In addition, it featured different difficulty levels of play, two different currencies, and monetary exchange rates that varied depending on the difficulty level.

After experimenting with other development systems such as TADS, Inform 6 and Alan, David was introduced to Inform 7 shortly after its beta release in 2006.

David Good is known as DuoDave on the Adrift Forum.

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Game Appearances

  • ADRIFT-O-Rama (Dana Crane as "Mystery"; 2003; ADRIFT 4). One of the mini-golf holes is called "DuoDave's Hole" which features a calliope and an evil-looking clown. Also, DuoDave makes a cameo appearance which you sink your ball.
  • ADRIFTMAS Party (Mystery; 2002; ADRIFT 4). DuoDave, as an NPC, is one of the guests at the party.