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Ectocomp is a yearly Hallowe'en competition originally for ADRIFT games written in three hours or less. It has been held since 2007 and has thus far spurred the creation of 82 games. It opened to all development platforms in 2011. Each year's competition has its own page on IFWiki, listed below.

Pages by Year

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  • Ectocomp 2017.
    • La Petite Mort division: 12 entries.
    • Le Grand Guignol division: 12 entries.
  • Ectocomp 2018.
    • La Petite Mort division: 8 entries.
    • Le Grand Guignol division: 14 entries.
    • La Petite Mort Spanis division: 6 entries.
    • La Grand Guignol Spanish division: 2 entries.



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