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Part of series ECTOCOMP
Organiser J. J. Guest
Event dates
Submissions due 31 Oct 2015
Results announced 1 Dec 2015
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Ectocomp 2015.jpg

ECTOCOMP 2015 is a comp for Hallowe'en, organized by J. J. Guest. It is the ninth ECTOCOMP competition, and features two categories, which will be judged separately:

  • "ECTOCOMP: La Petite Mort" is for games written in three hours or less.
  • "ECTOCOMP: Le Grand Guignol" is for those who don't manage to complete their games in under three hours, or who would like to take a more relaxed approach to the competition.


13 entries released October 31, 2015. Results announced December 1, 2015.

La Petite Mort

  1. Open That Vein (Chandler Groover; Inform 7)
  2. The oldest hangover on Earth (Marius Müller)
  3. Heezy Park (Andrew Schultz; Inform 7)
  4. The Story of the Shinoboo (Adri)
  5. Halloween Dance (Mathbrush; Inform 7)
  6. Home/Sick (Felicity Banks; ChoiceScript)
  7. The Ghost Ship (Jonathan Snyder; Inform 7)
  8. The Physiognomist's Office (Christina Nordlander; Inform 7)
  9. Food, Drink, Girls (Roboman; Twine)

Le Grand Guignol

  1. Ashes (Glass Rat Media; Twine)
  2. Invasion (Cat Manning; Twine)
  3. Nine Lives (Merlin Fisher; Inform 7)
  4. Voice Box (B Minus Seven; Twine)