FSF Adventures

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FSF Adventures was a British homegrown text adventure software house run by Charlton-based Larry Horsfield in the 1990s.

Larry Horsfield was a well-known name on the Acorn text adventure scene, thanks to his involvement with the Elk Adventure Club. The "Elk" in the club's name referred to the Acorn Electron, a cut-down, budget-friendly version of the BBC Micro computer, on which Larry wrote his first games.

Larry's early ZX Spectrum releases were reworkings of the club's Quilled Electron games, greatly expanded using Gilsoft's PAW. He specialised in large, spawling, multi-part text adventures.

Notable games included The Axe of Kolt saga and the 'Mike Erlin' Magnetic Moon series.

In later years, Larry also published work (and ports of adventures) by other authors such as Anthony Collins, Scott Denyer, The Grue, Kez Gray, Peter Council, and Bob Adams.

Upon the closure of FSF, many of Larry's games went on to be republished by Adventure Probe Software.