Adventure Probe Software

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Adventure Probe Software was a UK homegrown software house, run by Barbara Gibb, based in Liverpool. UK.

Barbara Gibb, who took over the editorship of the long-running fanzine Adventure Probe in 1992, set up the Adventure Probe Software label to distribute both games that had lost their original publishers and eventually new software too.

In 1993, Adventure Probe Software took on titles from the defunct The Guild Adventure Software, including Spectrum conversions of Mandy Rodrigues, Simon Avery, and Ken Bond's games.

Under license, they published Jack Lockerby's River Software C64 games, Larry Horsfield's FSF Adventures back-catalogue and Walter Pooley's adventures. They also distributed Zenobi Software Licenseware for Atari ST. Later on they also distributed shareware, public domain, and "fixed" adventures.

Adventure Probe continued to publish titles into the second half of the 1990s, and beyond, with authors often choosing to donate any proceeds to the Adventure Probe (fanzine) fund. It can probably be considered the "last man standing" of the original UK homegrown text adventure publishers. The magazine Adventure Probe closed in 2007 after a remarkable 21 year run.