For Love Of Digby

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For Love Of Digby or (A Day In The Life Of A Couch Potato / Changing The Channel) - a short comical game following the adventures of a self-certified couch potato.

How It Begins

You are a couch potato seated in your favourite chair in your lounge and holding a broken TV remote. Oh no! The obvious items in reach are a food and drinks stand, a magazine rack, and a rug. Unreachable items include your television set (currently showing Spanish ads), and a pancake on the wall. It's 12 noon. You must, absolutely must, somehow change the channel without leaving your chair so you can watch a classic rerun of Digby The World's Biggest Dog at 6 p.m.


Version 1

  • For Love Of Digby (David Whyld; 04-Apr-2006; ADRIFT 4).
    • Written between December 2005 and April 2006 with ADRIFT Version 4, Release 46.
    • Size: 47 KB; Rooms 1; Objects: 51; Tasks 263; Events 14; Characters 6.


General Info