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Developer Zzo38
Format Z-code
Interaction style
System Other
System details Runs in Glulx virtual machine
Latest version
Uses interpreter
Multimedia support
License Public domain
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GLUZMA is a public-domain Z-machine implementation written in Glulx. Currently, it supports the Glk I/O system, and requires that the story file is named "ZSTORY" (although Enhanced GlkTerm allows you to override the filename mapping). EZIP, XZIP, and YZIP are not implemented. Small-endian is also not implemented (if you need small-endian (which is unlikely), use ZORKMID or JSZM instead).

There is currently no support for split-screen, although the status line is available if it is able to open the status window (if not, it will set the mode byte to indicate to the Z-machine story that the status line is not available) (if the screen is resized, it will also redraw the status window). The fixpitch flag is also implemented (although, depending on the implementation of Glk being used, it might not affect the appearance of the text at all). Transcripting is currently not implemented.


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