Games about IF

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Every genre produces works about itself, and IF is no exception. The following are IF games which discuss, parody or commentate upon interactive fiction or the interactive fiction community.


The following are not considered sufficient reason for inclusion:

  • Incidental mention of IF (for instance, as a throwaway joke or easter egg).
  • Experimental games which push the boundaries of conventional IF; although on some level these may be 'about' IF, their basic content may not be about IF.
  • Parody of an individual game or specific IF genre (rather than the nature of IF); these should get their own list.
  • Any game not intended as a game in its own right, such as CompXX.
  • Mentions or appearances of IF authors or community members. These should be included in Category:Real people in games, but only listed here if the game deals with IF theory or the IF community.

Games About IF