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Gender refers to the masculinity or femininity of words or beings. When it refers to a being, it is is commonly confused with sex.

Code Compare: Male
ADRIFT 4:Gender: (selected) Male
Inform 6:The male attribute
Inform 7:The male property
TADS 2:The isHim property
TADS 3:The isHim property
Code Compare: Female
ADRIFT 4:Gender: (selected) Female
Inform 6:The female attribute
Inform 7:The female property
TADS 2:The isHer property
TADS 3:The isHer property
Code Compare: Neuter
ADRIFT 4:Gender: (selected) Unknown
Inform 6:The neuter attribute
Inform 7:The neuter property
TADS 2:(not pre-defined; see isHim and isHer properties)
TADS 3:The isIt property
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