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This page is about the Code Compare project on IFWiki. The aim of this project is to compare the major IF authoring systems to each other.

Rough Notes

  • The article prefix CC: will be reserved for the use of pages in the Code Compare project, although it's doubtful we'll actually need to ever use it.
  • The Code Compare project will need to coordinate its efforts with every other authoring system project (eg: the ADRIFT project, the Inform 7 project, the TADS 3 project, etc.)

Code Compare Templates

  • The initial focus of the Code Compare project will be to create a set of templates to be used at the bottom of relevant articles. These templates will each associate a programming or IF concept with the articles that deal with that concept in each particular authoring system. This is perhaps best illustrated with some examples:
Code Compare: Room
ADRIFT 4:The Room dialog box
(Add a Room/Edit Room)
Hugo:The room class
Inform 6:The Object class
Inform 7:The room kind
TADS 2:The room class
TADS 3:The Room class
Code Compare: Player character
ADRIFT 4:The player variable and the Amend Player dialog box
Inform 6:The player variable and the selfobj object
Inform 7:The player variable and the yourself object
TADS 2:The basicMe class
TADS 3:The gPlayerChar macro and the Actor class
  • Code Compare templates should all begin with "CC", eg: {{CC room}}, {{CC player-character}}, {{CC if-statement}}, {{CC clothing}}, etc.
  • Code Compare templates should all be stored in the Code Compare templates category.
  • Problem: Currently, CC templates use the phrase "(not pre-defined)" if the concept isn't handled by the authoring system's language or library, e.g.: see Template:CC readable. This is temporary. We will want to somehow indicate how an author encodes a concept that isn't pre-defined by the authoring system.
    • Solution: add a "default:" row at the bottom of the template's table to briefly say what the default strateg(ies) are.


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