Grand Prix 2006

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The fifth Grand Prix, a German competition, is organized by Martin Oehm.


  • 06-Nov-2005: The Grand Prix begins.
  • 01-Mar-2006: Intent deadline. Ten authors have sent in their intents to enter the comp.
  • 31-Mar-2006: Submission deadline.
  • 01-Apr-2006: Four games were released. Judging phase begins.
  • 21-Apr-2006: Judging phase ends around 23:45h (local to Germany).
  • 22-Apr-2006: Results to be announced.


In order by placement (the lower the score, the better):

  1. Das Felleisen (Maximilian Kalus; Z-code). Score: 2.14.
  2. P. Mason und der Schlitzerhans und die Busenkathi (Sophie Frühling; Z-code). Score: 2.29.
  3. Schatten über London (Martin Vincenz; T.A.G.). Score: 2.86.
  4. Die Probe (Katja Krüger; T.A.G.). Score: 4.86.