Grand Prix 2011

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The seventh Grand Prix, a German competition, is organized by Maximilian Kalus.


  • 20-Dec-2010: The Grand Prix begins.
  • 01-Mar-2011: Intent deadline.
  • 01-Apr-2011: Submission deadline.
  • 02-Apr-2011: Judging phase begins.
  • 01-May-2011: Judging phase ends around 23:45h (local to Germany).
  • 02-May-2011: Results to be announced.


  1. Die rote Blume (Frank Sindermann; Glulx).
  2. Gorgonir (Werner Rumpeltesz; Z-code).
  3. Schießbefehl (Marius Müller; Z-code 8).
  4. Ausgerechnet Mamph Pamph! (C. Knodel a.k.a "C++"; Z-code 5).



SPOILER WARNING: the following links contain (potentially spoilery) reviews of this game from the current IF Comp. You might prefer to wait until you've played the game before reading them, if you intend to judge the competition and don't want to be influenced.