Hand Me Down

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Slice of life
Slice of life
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Hand Me Down
Author(s) Brett Witty
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Release date(s) 1-Oct-2023
Authoring system TADS 3
Platform(s) TADS
Language(s) English
License(s) Freeware
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Ruby Walker takes a hesitant bus ride to the hospital where her father has spent the last nine months. But he has not called her there to discuss his condition. With James, her supportive partner by her side, Ruby is about to discover a deeply personal project decades in the making.

How It Begins

You are Ruby, and are on a bus headed to the hospital where your dad is receiving cancer treatment. You must summon the energy to make the trek up to the ward.

Notable Features

The game is broken into three parts: a Twine introduction, a TADS 3 middle section, and a storylet-based Twine finale. The Twine components are more modern choice-based interactive fiction, while the TADS 3 middle is a puzzle romp around a mansion.

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