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Contributing to IFWiki

To edit the wiki, you just need to create an account.

The How to edit IFWiki page explains how to edit wiki pages.

Software and Events databases

In January 2022, we added a software infobox for interpreters, authoring systems and utilities, which stores its content to a database that can be queried. For instance, the Parchment interpreter automatically appears on a list of recommended Browser interpreters. Please help us populate the database by:

  • Adding or updating the infobox on existing pages. Go to the page of an interpreter or authoring system, click on the Actions menu, and choose “Edit with form.” You don’t need to know any wiki code to fill in the form--it’s as easy as adding information to IFDB. See IFWiki:Software without infoboxes for ideas for which page to update.
  • Adding new software pages. If there’s an interpreter or IF authoring system that doesn’t have a page yet on IFWiki, you can add it by going to the Form:Software page and typing in the name. That will take you to a form where you can fill out the information.

Similarly, in September 2022 we added a database and associated infobox for Events. The Main Page is automatically updated to display details of recent and forthcoming events. If you would like to publicise an event then simply add it using the Form:Event page.

Style guides

The expected content of IFWiki is discussed on the various pages within Category:Style guides. We are hoping to update these in 2022.