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HighlandComp was a minicomp run in 2001 by Graeme Porter.


Everybody is invited to try and code an adventure - in Inform only - which meets the following conditions :-

  1. EITHER the setting OR one NPC should be from the Highlands of Scotland (NOT both)
  2. The afore-mentioned setting/birthplace MUST be a REAL PLACE in the Highlands
  3. Your game MUST feature a haggis and a strangely shaped turnip
  4. There must be at least 3 rooms, and 1 or more NPCs


Listed in the order they won:

  1. Roots (Sophie Fruehling; Z-code).
  2. Catch That Haggis!, Or, Working Around The Restrictions (Adam Biltcliffe; Glulx).
  3. Highland Chef (Graeme Pletscher; Z-code).