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The Interactive Fiction Review Conspiracy or IFRC was an IF reviews site for non-IF Comp games. The motto was "Lude. Conspira. Recognose." [Translation: Play. Conspire. Review.] The site states:

Just wrote a game? Don't want to feel ignored? Don't want your game to vanish without a trace? Want to know someone played it? Want feedback & discussion?

The IF Review Conspiracy is a tag team of volunteers who will write timely reviews of new (post 9/30/99) IF released outside the annual competition. We hope this will help generate more attention for non-comp games.

The IFRC was active from December 1999 to January 2002; there have been no new reviews posted since then. The site lists 24 reviews for 24 games.

The Conspirators

From the IFRC page:

This authors' nightmare is orchestrated by Marnie Parker (database/web page), Duncan Stevens (guidelines), and Stephen Granade (archive). (IFRC was started in December 1999 by Marnie Parker, Neil deMause, and Duncan Stevens. It was first hosted at textfire, drizzle.com, courtesy of Ivan Cockrum.) Now we thank David Cornelson for sharing plover.net with the IF community.

Other conspirators (such as the actual reviewers) are hidden on the IFRC page via a combo box dropdown.