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This page is about the Inform 7 project on IFWiki. The aim of this project is to document Inform 7 more fully.

Rough Notes

None of this is yet cut in stone, but we should start thinking and working towards a more detailed treatment of Inform 7 in IFWiki.

  • All pages about Inform 7 should be categorized in Category:Inform 7 or one of its subcategories.
  • The article prefix I7: will be reserved for the use of pages in the Inform 7 project. Pages outside the Inform 7 project shouldn't use it.
  • We will want articles about the language based on "keywords", either words with especial meaning to the Inform 7 compiler, or words defined by the default library. There should be an index page of these keywords called Keywords in Inform 7 and likewise a category called Category:Keywords in Inform 7. Individual pages about a keyword and how it is used will use the "I7:" prefix, e.g.: I7:man, I7:scene, I7:understand, etc.
    • Hm. This may need rethinking a little. A little problem is that Inform 7 lets one define new words and phrases, mudding the concept of "keywords". So we probably want to at least make a distinction between the keywords of the language and any terms introduced by Standard Rules by Graham Nelson.
    • Perhaps slightly easier for the immediate future is to try to build a summary page of statement syntaxes, similiar to one of the appendixes in the DM4. Uh, let's call it List of statements in Inform 7?
  • We will want articles about the language in a more general sense, eg: History of Inform 7, Philosophy of Inform 7, Skein, Conversation in Inform 7. Inform 6 and Inform 7, etc.
  • The Inform 7 project should co-operate with the Code Compare project. Pages in the Inform 7 project should intelligently link to similar pages in other authoring systems, probably via a topic template at the bottom of the page.