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Unhappily, because wikis are open to the public for editing, there is always the risk of pages being vandalized by malicious or inappropriate editing.

New sightings of IFWiki vandalism should be reported at IFWiki:Community portal.

Suggestions on how to combat IFWiki vandalism should be discussed at IFWiki talk:Vandalism. Also use the talk page if you're having trouble reverting a damaged page.

Current Policy

  • IFWiki currently requires that users must register with an ID and log in before they may edit a page. Hopefully, this will deter lazy vandals, but this is not expected to deter the more determined ones.
  • As of October 18, 2009, new users will be required to solve a captcha as part of the registration process. It is hoped that this will prevent most spambots from making accounts on IFWiki.
  • Some pages have been marked as protected, and can only be edited by administrators. For example, the Main Page is protected, and several of the category pages. However, we don't really want to mark too many pages as protected, since this would obviously prevent legitimate editors from editing the pages. Discussion (Talk) pages should never be marked as protected.
  • Vandalized pages should be reverted back to the text and format of the last legitimate edit, as can be found in a page's history. It's best if such reverts can be done as soon after the vandalism as possible.
  • Obvious and blatant spammers will be blocked indefinitely. We have no tolerance for that sort of nonsense. Admins will determine what is "obvious and blatant" spamming.
  • If it's obvious that spammers are making multiple accounts, bureaucrats may merge those accounts together, deleting the extra accounts.

Blocked Sites

  • As spammers continue to spam IFWiki, we add their sites to our blacklist. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that we'll block entire domains that we don't want to block entirely (such as google.com and blogspot.com). If you need to add a valid link but we're currently blocking it, let us know on IFWiki talk:Vandalism without making an actual link, and we can update our whitelist accordingly.

Archive of Vandalism alerts

Old vandalism alerts can be seen at IFWiki:Vandalism/Archive.