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"Bureaucrat" and "Administrator" are privileged user groups within MediaWiki websites. Administrators may move, delete, protect, and unprotect pages. Bureaucrats may turn other users into administrators, and may merge and delete user accounts. Either group may set new policies for IFWiki.

The current administrators of IFWiki are:

  • Admin - This account does not represent a particular person.
  • Baf - Carl Muckenhoupt hosted IFWiki for years before the IFTF took over responsiblity.
  • David Cornelson - David Cornelson is the creator of IFWiki and was its original host. He was active in IFWiki's first year of development, and imported the original pages for Category:Glossary. You can be sure he's still interested in IFWiki's future.
  • Dswxyz - David Welbourn is a founding member and has made numerous contributions to IFWiki over the years. He has been very active in IFWiki's development.
  • Eriorg - Eriorg has been a frequent contributor to IFWiki and was granted admin privileges in 2009.
  • Mark J Musante - Mark Musante is a founding member of IFWiki but has been inactive in IFWiki's development.
  • Nm - Nick Montfort is a founding member of IFWiki and created the FAQ page. He has otherwise been inactive in IFWiki's development.
  • Bg
  • Jonathan
  • Robin Johnson