IF Marathon

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IF Marathon was a minicomp held in June 2002, organized by Jason Dyer. There was only one entry.


Write a work of interactive fiction in 48 hours. Taking the entire time is unnecessary. Use any language you want, even assembly language for the TRS-80 if you feel so inclined. There are two categories:

  1. Freestyle. If you've got a burning idea that must come out, write it now. If you don't have something in mind already, go with B.
  2. Write a work of interactive fiction where the PC is an animal, or has strong animal-like qualities. While a realistic approach is possible, the definition includes werewolves, half-animal superheroes, or anthropomorphized creatures as in The Wind in the Willows and Watership Down.

Send them to me (or a link to where you've stored them) at (email address omitted) after you're done. Get them in by midnight on June 2, MUDtime (Eastern). I'll put them on this page.

Category A (Freestyle)