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Fiction-interactive.fr, previously known as IFiction-FR is the current main French Community of Interactive Fiction players and creators.

Short History

Started in 2001 as an Inform mailing list, where IF enthusiasts shared information and resources to create and play IF games. In March 2002, Adrien Saurat published the first general French IF I-Fiction FR website, to discuss French IF, share and centralise resources, and announce IF events for the community. Following this, in August 2004, a web forum was added, soon rendering the original mailing list dispensable.

In 2017, a new website, Fiction-Interactive.fr was introduced, replacing the old one. That same year, a Discord server was opened for the community.


Since 2005, the community encouraged the creation of IF games through its annual competition. In 2016, a shorter Game Jam, the Partim500, was added to the event calendar, with the Nouvim3000 following three years later.

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