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III Mini Comp is a Spanish minicomp organized by Grendel Khan for new games that take place entirely in one room. The submission deadline is December 16, 2007, midnight, with a late deadline in December 23, 2007, midnight (for bug correction and such of the early entries). Games were released on December 24, 2007. Voting starts on January 13, 2008, midnight, and the voting deadline is January 20, 2008, midnight. Check for further details on the III MINICOMP Webpage.

Entry List

There are nine entries, that you may download from this list, or all of them together from this minicomp3 pack:

Title Author Sistem Format
Afuera [1] Incanus InformATE .z5
Antes o después [2] Santiago Eximeno Inform 7 .z5
Boxman [3] Pepe Romero InformATE .z5
Como el diablo esnifando una raya [4] Expio Inform 7 .gblorb
Estación [5] Baltasar InformATE .blb / .z5
Hierba tras el cristal [6] Mel Hython Inform 7 .z8
Roleando [7] Depresiv Inform 6 .z5
Subterránea [8] Jarel InformATE .blb
Yuriko in the Mausoleo [9] DEF Inform 7 .z5


The comp resultados are as follows:

  • Best Game (Mejor Aventura): Hierba tras el cristal by Mel Hython
  • Best NPC (Mejor PSI): Módulo de información LM-235 (Voz in Hierba tras el cristal)
  • Originality (Más original): Roleando by Depresiv
  • Best Writing (Mejor literatura): Hierba tras el cristal, by Mel Hython
  • Interactivity (Mayor interactividad): Estación by Baltasar

You may see the voting detail on the III Minicomp web and download it's IRC chat award ceremony (gala) here.