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Juan Sebastián Armas is better known as Incanus.

History: Me and IF

It all began, back to the very begining, on an old school's friends project; it was conceived among friends, never really developed, then abandoned for university pursuits, and finally brought back on my own first professional years (computing and such, not quite original, I know). And so it was that, still way back (July 1998), I coded my first adventure game.

Well... such as it was. I didn't had many resources, back then: no Internet access, hardly a PC to work on... so (knowing zilch about parser languages) I dusted off an old 80's game programming theory book (..!..) and made up a little program on QBasic 1.1 (God, was it all precarious) with the bones of an IF: parser, places, objects, vocabulary and a few NPCs (actually, objects + vocabulary).

The resulting mongrel of a game was played and criticiced by a few close friends and relations... but I never persued it any further.

Cut to 6 years later, on or about mid 2004, my interest on IF revives... so I resurrected said adventure, using InformATE (spanish library for Inform 6.30).

As for what happened since then, read on...

Author Credits

So far, I've created the following Adventure Games:

  • 2005
    • La Mansión (06-Jan-2005; Z-code; Spanish). Webpage.
      My first adventure game. It's a mystery and sci-fi (I hope) game that takes place on an old manor, with many rooms, many corners... and many a strange thing (suspense...). You can see the tech specs here.
    • El Protector (20-Jul-2005; Z-code; Spanish). Webpage.
      A small ecological survival tale, sci-fi style, takes place on a strange world with vast savannas... and merciless Hunters prowling. It's sequel is Memoria. You can see the tech specs here.
  • 2006
  • 2007
    • Macetas (30-Aug-2007; Z-code; Spanish). FICOMP winner: awarded Best Game and Best Story. Webpage.
      A "hard" sci-fi long tale; you finally arrive at the mining asteroid... and a taxing company's assignment awaits you. Sequel to Goteras. You can see the tech specs here.
    • Afuera (21-Dec-2007; Z-code; Spanish). III Mini Comp entry. Webpage.
      A sci-fi short tale; you're a prisoner, a convicted criminal, doing time in the higher levels of the Pyramid, and now you're getting ready to go... Outside. You can see the tech specs here.
  • 2008
  • 2009
    • Pan de ajo (06-Oct-2009; Z-code; Spanish). Premios Hispanos 2009 winner: awarded Playability (Jugabilidad). Webpage.
      A domestic humor tale; you wake up from a nap at home. It's late and your parents aren't back from work yet. As always, you must do your room... and some other chores mom and dad left for you to do. It's sequel is Reflejos blancos. You can see the tech specs here.
  • 2010
  • 2011
    • Reflejos blancos (16-Aug-2011; Z-code; Spanish). FICOMP 2011 winner: awarded Best Game and Best Story. Webpage.
      A short night interlude; you are waiting for your girlfriend at the park. You will meet at the gazebo and then have a bit of a stroll while you are chatting. Sequel to Pan de ajo. You can see the tech specs here.
    • Forrajeo (30-Dec-2011; Z-code; Spanish). V Mini Comp winner: awarded Best Game. Premios Hispanos 2011 winner: awarded Interactivity (Interactividad). Webpage.
      You've been sent to the drugstore to "get" some drugs. You thought that the dark would be a good cover, but somethings get bad before they get worse...You can see the tech specs here.
  • 2021
    • Encierro (27-Aug-2021; Z-code; Spanish). Webpage.
      A slice of life, fantasy and sci-fi tale; you're living a pandemic's confiment in your apartment, trying to find a way to break free. You can see the tech specs here.

I've also created some CYOA:

  • 2016
    • Rastros (04-Jul-2016; Squiffy; Spanish). Webpage.
      My first hypertext CYOA.
      You are in charge of an experimental botanical station so you must do some pest control... but, betimes, cleaning the garden's pests can be quite a dangeorus chore. Sequel to Macetas. You can see the tech specs here.
  • 2020
    • Memoria (24-Jul-2020; Squiffy; Spanish). Webpage.
      You are shipwrecked on a strange planet of vast plains... and with ruthless Hunters on the prowl. Can you learn from The People that it is not enough to just survive?. Sequel to El Protector. You can see the tech specs here

Keep in mind: these games are in Spanish, and I won't be translating them to English any time soon.

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Organizational Credits