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Interactive Fiction Ratings, aka IF Ratings, was a website and database maintained by Chrysoula Tzavelas. The site first opened in mid-2003. The last posted update was in March 2007. Its intended purpose was to provide recommendations for newcomers to IF, rather than to provide an objective scale of quality. Visitors could search the site for specific authors or game titles, and if they wished, rate any games in the database from 1 (worst) to 10 (best) and add short, anonymous, publicly visible comments about the games.

The list of games in the IF Ratings database was based on data from Baf's Guide's database, and thus, games listed were only those available at the IF Archive. Users of IF Ratings were not able to edit basic game information.

Users could also peruse the IF Ratings by various statistics:

  • 10 (or 20, 50) Highest Rated
  • 10 (or 20, 50) Most Votes
  • Top 10 games sorted by genre
  • Top 10 games sorted by playtime
  • Largest Standard Deviation
  • Lowest Rated Games
  • Top 10 by Comments
  • 10 Most Recent Comments
  • 10 Random Unrated Games
  • 10 Random Rated Games
  • 10 Newest Games
  • Some Recent Author Comments

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