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Interactive Fiction Top 50
Competition (series of events)
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Organiser Victor Gijsbers
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Interactive Fiction Top 50 (2023 edition)
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The Interactive Fiction Top 50, run by Victor Gijsbers, is an event where participants discuss and vote for the best interactive fiction works of all time.

The original announcement post describes the event's purpose:

The aim is not to decide what the best IF ever is by majority vote – that would be foolish. Rather, the aims of the top 50 are:

  • To create a good opportunity for people to think about the best games they have played, and discuss their ideas on this topic with others.
  • To allow people to be inspired by what they see on other people’s lists.
  • To create a useful list of great games at which you can point newcomers to the IF scene.
  • If it is successful and we do this every few years: to create a way to track how the taste of the community evolves.

Each participant submits a list of up to twenty works of interactive fiction. The more lists a work appears on, the higher it ranks in the results.

The first Interactive Fiction Top 50 was announced on August 31, 2011. At the time of this writing (2019), the event has taken place every four years since then.