Interactive Fiction Writing Month

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Interactive Fiction Writing Month is, according to its website, "a loosely-organized set of tasks assigned one per week for four weeks, from February 15 to March 15, 2009, hopefully coupled with a few informal live discussion sessions (location-dependent, of course). The goal is to get a group of participants familiar enough with the Inform language to produce some simple games, and to promote discourse on game design in general through the medium of IF." The organizer was Lea Albaugh.


Each week, participants were given a new assignment to work on. Participants were free to continue expanding on their games from one week to the next, or start a new project each week, as they saw fit. Stories need not be very long. Meetups between participants were scheduled in both Pittsburgh and Boston, for those able to attend.

  • Week One: Setting. Also known as "Hello World" week. Focus on producing Z-code files, thinking about some of the differences between static prose and IF, understanding the syntax of Inform and describing simple objects, and creating a setting.
  • Week Two: Player Character. Create a winnable story featuring a unique player character. Puzzles are encouraged but not required.
  • Week Three: Non-player Character. Write a winnable story that involves, as a crucial element, an interesting NPC.
  • Week Four: Custom Verb. Write a story that includes at least one custom verb that contributes to the story in a seamless way.

Submitted Stories

Note: Every submitted story was submitted in the year 2009 and for the Z-code 5 platform.

Week One: Setting (Inform 6) Week One: Setting (Inform 7)
Week Two: Player Character (Inform 6) Week Two: Player Character (Inform 7)
Week Three: Non-Player Character (Inform 6) Week Three: Non-Player Character (Inform 7)
Week Four: Custom Verb (Inform 6) Week Four: Custom Verb (Inform 7)