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Cover of the first issue of CAAD, from april 1989.

Juan José Muñoz Falcó, in short Juanjo Muñoz, is a Spanish adventurer, founder and director of the CAAD (Club de Aventuras AD, the current main group of Spanish adventures players and creators) since 1989, as well as one of the founding partners of Aventuras AD.


He was also a contributor to Aventuras AD, where he assisted in adventure testing, scripts and adjusting the texts for 8-bit versions. He also prepared a script for the sequel of La Aventura Original (Spanish version of Colossal Cave) which, in the end, was never produced.

In 2019 he launched CAAD 50, a commemorative issue of the 30th anniversary of the appearance of CAAD 0, and since 2020 he has republished CAAD, initially in digital format (PDF) with a fully updated look.

He has written in 2019 the first book in Spanish that deals exclusively with a video game programming company, called "AD: una aventura contada desde dentro" (AD: an adventure told from within), where Aventuras AD, CAAD and the origin of adventure games, both in English as in Spanish, are analised.

He has also published in 2020 a compiled and commented volume of non-professional adventures analyzed in the CAAD, under the title "Aventuras del ayer" (Yesterday Adventures).

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