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SPAC (Sociedad para la Promoción de las Aventuras Conversacionales) is a Spanish webzine similar to, and inspired by SPAG.

Initial Incarnation: Static Webzine

It was published from October 2000 to November 2007 as Sociedad para la Preservación de las Aventuras Conversacionales, initially as a HTML monthly fanzine and lately on a quaterly basis. It had 52 issues.

SPAC's articles covered not only games' reviews, as is mostly the case with SPAG, but also included authors' interviews, Spanish comps organization and (logs of) their results, authoring/programming issues and whatnot on the interactive fiction scene.

All articles (except the Editorial section, of course) were fan-made and generally centered on Spanish works, though the most important developments of the mainstream of interactive fiction had a reasonable coverage.


As these editions are still online there is a spanish index downloadable from CAAD, with all the articles classified by subject, and a smallish search engine run by each article's title.


Second Season: Dynamic Webzine or SPAC 2.0

With the issue of number 52 on November 2007, it's current editor Dhan announced that he was resigning his role for other pursuits.

This generated a forum debate [1] [2] [3] on SPAC's future and a format change. Some proposed option were:

  • Keep the current format (quaterly static webzine)
  • Switch to blog
  • Switch to wiki
  • Switch to dynamic webzine
  • Switch to subforum within CAAD's forum.

The chosen option was dynamic webzine, with an optional PDF quarterly summary editions.

SPAC 2.0 PDF Issues