June Rowe

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June Rowe was a British text adventure author, story writer, games tipster, reviewer and playtester in the 1980s and 1990s.

Primarily a ZX Spectrum user, June tested and evaluated countless text adventures for companies such as Zenobi Software and River Software. Her attention to detail was legendary. Author Jack Lockerby once remarked, "She could spot a dropped apostrophe at 100 paces!" Her playtesting comments went beyond correcting mere spelling errors, giving detailed and informed feedback that helped authors reshape their games.

She was an active participant in the wider UK text adventure scene at the time, contributing articles and reviews to publications such as Spectrum Adventurer, From Beyond and Adventure Probe; the latter for which she acted, for a time, as the letters editor.

As an adventure author, June designed the game Trouble in Store for Level 9. Sadly the game was never developed further by the company. She collaborated with Paul Cardin on the game Jester's Jaunt which was published by Zenobi Software in 1991.

June Rowe died in 1994.