Lime/Coconut IF MiniComp

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The Lime/Coconut IF MiniComp is organized by Steven Odhner. Contestants must design a room that can be added to an existing source file. Each room is completed by placing a lime into a coconut.

Prizes are set as:

  • Fifty US dollars and a stupid trophy for first place
  • Ten US dollars and a stupid certificate for second place

This competition was temporarily canceled because not enough people submitted entries, but it will be launched again later.


  • October 7th, 2011: competition begins
  • December 31st, 2011: submission deadline
  • (canceled) January 1st(ish), 2012: voting begins
  • (canceled) February 4th, 2012: voting deadline


Entries may be sent to sodhner at gmail dot com any time before the deadline of December 31st, 2011.


  • [1] - Contest home page.
  • [2] - R*I-F discussion.
  • [3] - discussion.