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Liquids, along with fire and rope, are a class of object famed for being difficult to implement in a realistic simulationist manner.

Obvious Actions

  • Fill container. Any watertight container may be a candidate for filling with a liquid, with fill container with liquid working much like put liquid in container. Of course, a normal PC shouldn't be able to carry liquids with their bare hands.
    • Mixing. If more than one liquid exists in the game, filling a single container with both would cause them to mix. The author must anticipate this - by blocking the action with a reasonable refusal message, or implementing mixable liquids.
    • Addition. Many non-liquid inventory items may reasonably be expected to react to liquids if they're stored in the same container; is this blocked, or is there special handling for reactions?
  • Empty container, or throwing its liquid contents out onto the floor. What happens to the liquid? Soak away? Ruin the carpet?
  • Empty liquid/container into, pour liquid into. Should work both for other containers and for reasonable scenery objects, such as a stream. Pour liquid onto might also be relevant.
    • Is it reasonable to pour a large, full container into a smaller one? Does this result in a full small container and an empty large one (with the excess lost through spillage), or a full small container and a part-empty large one? What about the other way around? Is volume really a significant issue for the purposes of the game?
  • Drink, for plausibly potable liquids.
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