Mandy Rodrigues

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Mandy Rodrigues is a Welsh text adventure author and writer. She was editor of the long-running Adventure Probe fanzine and the proprietor of Atlas Adventure Software.

Her adventures The Black Knight, Atalan, and Barney Brown and the Chicago Connection were written for the Commodore 64 using GAC. There were some later ports of the games produced for the ZX Spectrum and/or Amstrad CPC. Her adventures were initially published through her own Atlas Adventure Software imprint.

Taking over from Sandra Sharkey in 1988, Mandy edited the monthly UK fanzine Adventure Probe during one of its most successful periods; reaching over 500 readers a month at one point. Sadly, personal circumstances forced Mandy to pass on the stewardship of the magazine to Barbara Gibb in the summer of 1992.

Mandy Rodrigues also edited and compiled the official Incentive 3D Construction Kit Newsletter; see here. She spent some time as the adventure columnist for Zzap!64/Commodore Force magazine; writing as Bash the Barbarian.