Atlas Adventure Software

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Atlas Adventure Software was a UK homegrown software house run by Mandy Rodrigues, based in Llandudno, North Wales, UK.

The original software label linked to the Adventure Probe fanzine, under Mandy Rodrigues' stewardship, which continued operating after the editorship of the magazine passed to Barbara Gibb.

Their notable games included The Black Knight (Mandy Rodrigues), The Case of the Mixed-up Shymer (Sandra Sharkey), The Million Dollar Great Jewel Heist (Dorothy Millard). They also published (at one point) Grue-Knapped!, and Helvera – Mistress of the Park, by Bob Adams.

Adventure Probe, and later Atlas, had a deal to sell the Graphic Adventure Creator+ for C64, under exclusive licence from Incentive Software. Mandy went on to run the official user group fanzine for Incentive's 3D Construction Kit.

Like Adventure Probe Software, Atlas also distributed Zenobi Software Licenseware for Atari ST.

As well as games, Atlas published & sold books such as A Beginners Guide to Adventures by Dave Havard, Computer Adventures – The Secret Art by Gil Williamson, and back issues of Pat Winstanley's Adventure Contact fanzine.

Their Amstrad CPC games were later passed on to WoW Software.