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Naked Twine Jam
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Organiser merritt kopas
Event dates
Event begins 6 Jan 2014
Event ends 11 Jan 2014
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The Naked Twine Jam was a week-long Twine jam hosted by merritt kopas on Tumblr in 2014. This jam's directive was to "work within the creative restriction of using only the basic Twine program with no CSS or Javascript modifications." There were 46 entries, on topics including relationships with animals, shaving, ghosts, travel, negotiating sex, making jam, and casting spells.

This jam inspired the development of the Bare-Bones Jam.

In a wrap-up of the jam, kopas wrote:

This is something I’ve worried about before — whether the increased availability of tools for modifying Twine might not end up reproducing in miniature, to some degree, the biases that exist in broader game creation towards audiovisual and mechanical “polish” (a word I have come to revile). I’ve heard people voice concerns that their little Twine project wasn’t as worthy of the complex, technically impressive works they see being produced, and I’ve worried that this might lead some people to just never bother in the first place. And I’ve even found myself wracking my brain, thinking up ways to make even very small, personally important pieces more mechanically interesting, when that wasn’t something they necessarily needed.

I’ve pushed Twine as an accessible means of making games in the past and I don’t want to see it get pulled into the commercial videogame logic that seems to infect so much game design, even the furthest outside the industry. That’s where the Naked Twine Jam comes in. By encouraging participants to avoid the use of any CSS modifications or Javascript and to make a game in a few days (though with a much laxer schedule than a traditional jam), I hoped to relieve some of the external and internal pressures on new game makers and to provide an environment in which they didn’t have to worry about feeling like they were competing with more experienced creators.


  • Room 9 (Mario Jara)
  • Children’s Story (Mark Gobbin)
  • Gemini (Susan O)
  • Interactive Beckett Inversions (E.V. Ung)
  • Lights Out, Please (Kaitlin Tremblay)
  • The Day I Went Away For A While (Niall Taylor)
  • Love • Worthy (episode 1) (Matt Marko)
  • nmpisun-medicine (Coyote Victoria Knockwood)
  • Eyes Down! (Ric Cowley)
  • Endless Reaches Through Mind and Soul (Bryan Rumsey)
  • bed dream, first draft (julian elizabeth mcallister)
  • To the Other Side of the World (Amandine Bru)
  • woods leaves stream body blood (David Demchuk)
  • Meeting a Pony (Samantha L.)
  • Cut From Shadows Prologue: Waking With a Start (AcidReign)
  • Super Leg Shaver II Turbo (Jonn Hill)
  • Patience (Tim Skew)
  • Terms and Conditions (Cameron Higby-Naquin)
  • Fade Away (Jazz Catte)
  • Delirium: Chase Scene (Rowan Jacobs)
  • cynanchum (NS)
  • Emotional Turmoil Sequence (trichybees)
  • Harvest (Colin Sandel)
  • Candy Gore (Bee and Dr. Dork)
  • The Bender of Destiny (KT Jayne)
  • hyde (brain sullivan)
  • Mirrored (Epithet)
  • The House With Nothing In It (D Marie)
  • Negotiation (sexartpolitics)
  • Bookshelf (Alex Roberts)
  • Game Jam Jam Game (Nathan Weizenbaum & Liz Cady)
  • sword adventure simulator and instruction manual (tinaun)
  • The City Between Here and Nowhere (Bret Sepulveda)
  • Meeting (astral)
  • The Straw Man in the Wicker House (Alfabites)
  • Playdate (Kimmy D Lux)
  • Crumbchin’s Quest (merritt kopas)
  • NIGHTLIFE (kristoffer zetterberg)
  • the songs she sings at the other end of the tunnel (fracto luminous)
  • Arthur’s Dream of the Dragon and the Bear (mno)
  • augur (ohnoproblems)
  • The Visit (Justin Herrick)
  • Amorphous (Chupaflora)
  • Lilium (Kimberly Delande)
  • One Man’s Shit: An Interactive Trash Adventure (Riftoff)

Note: Many of these pieces are now lost.