Narrow Your Eyes

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Science Fiction
Narrow Your Eyes
cover art
Author(s) Jack Welch and Ben Collins-Sussman
Publisher(s) n/a
Release date(s) 26-Mar-2012
Authoring system Inform 7
Platform(s) Glulx
Language(s) English
License(s) Creative Commons
Color effects yes
Graphics yes
Sound/Music yes
Cruelty scale Polite

How It Begins

Dr. Giblet's son Trevor complies, gently settling the refractor on the bridge of your nose. As he pushes inward on the two halves of the instrument, the lenses align and you find yourself staring through the device at a blurry eye chart...


Release 8 (First Production Release)

Additional Credits

  • Beta Testing: John Lodder, Frances Collins-Sussman, Andrew Schultz, Peter Nepstad, Joey Jones, Jenni Polodna, Melvin Rangasamy, Dan Biemer, and Beth Vanichtheeranont.
  • Music: Captain Ambivalent ( and Greg Morrow (Discrete Drums, Inc.).
  • Sound Effects: DTMF (telephone touch-tone) sounds were generated using an online tool at Other sound effects were downloaded from All of these sounds were contributed to the site under the Creative Commons Attribution License, although in some case, we can only attribute their username, as not all have indicated their real names. In some cases, these sounds were slightly modified from the version on that site. To find these sounds on that site, search for the index number, which is provided, below:
    • The backpedaling sound #21200 from user FreqMan, Richard Frohlich of the Texas Radio Theatre Company. The sound was originally from a Minolta camera servo motor.
    • The beeping sound #44613 by user rfhache
    • The conveyor belt sound #58496 by user benboncan. The original sound was recorded from a vintage treadle metalworking lathe.
    • The three tone error sound #36896 contributed by user icmusic, James Hart.
    • The laser zapping sound #52598 by user chipfork.
    • The laser preroll sound (heard immediately before the laser discharge) #103239 by user m_O_m, Michael Manzke. The sound is a drill motor.
    • The message notification sound #80921 contributed by user JustinBW (Justin Wasack).
    • The okay notification sound #103586 contributed by steveygos93
    • The random chirps #3647 by user suonho, Tommaso Berardocco.
    • The rotation sound #103242 also by user m_O_m, Michael Manzke. This is a motorized truck door opening.
    • The shock sound #62925 by user speedY, Steven Hammon. A recording of an arc-welder.
    • The swivel sound #101439 by user Timbre
    • The robot motion sound #52344 by user gelo_papas, who recorded a rusty door swinging.
    • The update notification sound #51645 contributed by user reinsamba.
    • The sitar sound #65872 by user bosone, Matteo Bosi.
    • The pitch-blended bells #7120 mixed into the narrow-your-eyes transition was created by user Freed.
  • Graphics: Clip art was obtained from OpenClipArt.Org, a repository of public domain images. Specifically, we used artwork provided to that site by the following users:
    • shokunin (Michal Konstantynowicz)
    • zeimusu
    • mazeo (Colt Mazeau).