Objects, out of reach

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Objects such as keys, treasure and switches are frequently found in an (apparently) unreachable location, such a hook high on a wall or below a sewer grate. It is possible that these are merely tantalizing red herrings, but more often there will be some indirect way to reach the object.

Out of reach locations

  • Too high
    • Hanging from the ceiling.
    • High up on a wall.
    • At the top of an unclimbable object (such as a greasy pole).
  • Too far
    • On the other side of a pit.
    • Surrounded by pirhana-infested waters / lava / pressure sensitive blocks.
  • Intervening object
    • Inside a glass cabinet.
    • Surrounded by a force field.
    • Guarded by a person or creature.
    • Inside a cage.
  • Moving object
    • Something that moves away from you whenever you get close to it.
    • An object that moves too quickly to catch.

Retrieving an out of reach object

  • Chewing gum on the end of a stick can be used for money that has fallen through a grate.
  • If you're not too worried about breaking it, you could try to knock down a high-up object:
    • The simplest approach: throw things at it.
    • Try and knock it off with a long stick or similar.
    • Shake or vibrate the surface the object is resting on.
    • If it's a delicate object, maybe you can create a soft landing area (out of pillows or bed clothes) before knocking it down. Never trust your PC to catch a falling object.
  • Sometimes you can climb up to an object, or at least climb closer to it. A bookcase may work (as long as it doesn't fall over), or a ladder if you happen to find one lying around. Often you'll need to push or carry a large object into place before standing on it.
  • A fishing line with a hook on the end can reach across a pit (or to the bottom of a deep pool).
  • There may be a hidden switch to extend a bridge / deactivate the force field / release the object - or a special item or action my be required (speaking a password, waving a rod, etc).

Reaching a switch

Activating a switch can be easier than retrieving an object, because you do not necessarily need to get close to it yourself - it may be enough to push or hit it from a distance.

  • A thrown rock (or other smallish object) may active a switch.
  • Lassoing a lever also may be possible, as long as it needs to be pulled towards you, not away from you.
  • Long sticks can be used to poke and prod at switches.
  • Weapons such as a gun or a bow and arrow might possibly work, but they may well destroy the switch instead (or at least leave it stuck on one setting).

Grabbing a moving object

  • If an object moves past you too swiftly for you to catch, try blocking its path with another object.
  • If the object's movement is controlled by machinery, throwing a spanner into the works (literally) may stop it.

Other alternatives

  • If you can't reach the object whatever you try, maybe someone else can. An NPC who is already on the other side of the pit, or who has an ability to fly / climb / swim to the object might be pursuaded to help.