Parser-based interactive fiction

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How to Play Interactive Fiction (An entire strategy guide on a single postcard). Written by Andrew Plotkin. Design by Lea Albaugh. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. This postcard shows the typical pattern of commands used in parser-based IF.

Parser-based interactive fiction is a kind of interactive fiction in which the player types instructions, and the game's parser analyzes the instructions to determine what happens next. Typically, the player types commands like "Pull lever" or "Unlock the door with the golden key." A parser-based game is sometimes called a text adventure.

A parser game usually has an underlying world model that allows the player character to move from one location to another, examine scenery, and interact with objects.

Authoring systems for creating parser IF include Inform 7, TADS, Adventuron, and Dialog, among others. More authoring systems for parser games are listed at Authoring systems for parser-based IF.