Red Herring (fanzine)

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Red Herring was a UK text adventure fanzine. It was edited by Marion Taylor and Sue Medley. The magazine ran for a total of sixteen issues, publishing every two months, between October 1991 and February 1994.

Red Herring was notable for its professional production style. Although it was A5, like most fanzines of the time, it was printed on heavy, high-quality paper and spiral bound. The magazine's look was designed by professional cartoonist Ken Taylor who also provided the illustrations.

The content of the fanzine was provided by the editorial staff and the magazine's subscribers. Each issue consisted of regular features like the editorial, news, and feedback pages. A large number of reviews were included together with solutions, tips, and maps, as well as advertising from all the major homegrown UK text adventure companies.

The magazine covered all aspects of text adventure gaming and also included some features on other genres such as point-and-click games, strategy titles, and RPGs. There was a regular Play-By-Mail column.

Red Herring provided an extensive solutions service. It also promoted the public domain catalogues of Syntax Adventure Magazine, From Beyond and Adventure PD.