ShuffleComp 2023

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ShuffleComp 2023
ShuffleComp 2023 logo.png
Part of series ShuffleComp
Organisers manonamora, Autumn Chen, Sophia de Augustine, Lapin Lunaire
Event dates
Registration ends 26 Nov 2023
Submissions begin 3 Dec 2023
Submissions due 7 Jan 2024
Voting begins 8 Jan 2024
Voting ends 22 Jan 2024
Results announced 22 Jan 2024
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ShuffleComp 2023: The Re-Shuffling was a musical interactive fiction competition organised by the Neo-Interactives where participants create games based on a playlist of songs submitted by other entrants. It was a reboot of the ShuffleComp, which had not been organised since 2015.


Participants had to register ahead of the submission period through a GoogleForm, inside which they could submit a playlist of 8 songs and/or register to receive a playlist to create a game.

Songs would be compiled into a list and randomly assigned to game creators, who were given a month to create up to 3 entries based on the songs received. Only registered participants received songs and could be allowed to submit an entry.

After the submitting deadlines, the submitted entries would be judged on Game Goodness and Use of Songs.


  • Games should be interactive fiction in some way.
  • Games should be based on at least one of the songs you received, but can use any number of songs, with the interpretation left to the creator.
  • Entrants could submit up to 3 games, using different songs or the same songs.
  • Games should not include any generated AI content.