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Babel (utility)
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Developers L. Ross Raszewski, Andrew Plotkin
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Latest version 0.6 / 18 Jan 2022
Status Stable
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Babel is a multipurpose tool that can analyze both story files and iFiction files, complete sparse iFiction files from story files, extract chunks such as ifiction files and cover art from blorb files, and bundle together story files, iFiction files, and cover art together into blorb files.

Babel is a signatory and the primary tool of the Treaty of Babel. The author and maintainer of babel is L. Ross Raszewski.

Documentation for babel is included as part of the Treaty of Babel. Visit the Treaty of Babel homepage, click on the current version of the treaty (revision 7 as of April 2006), and read section 2.3 (The "babel" tool) and appendix A (Babel: a user's guide).

Babel at IF Archive

Future enchancements to IF Archive will use the babel tool online, allowing users to query the archive via the game's IFID to return the game's metadata, the story file, the cover art, or individual holding files as requested by the user.


  • The Babel Software Suite. The babel utility's homepage. Currently (March 2007), the source code and Win32 binaries are available for download.
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