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Text Fiction
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Developer Onyxbits
Format Z-code
Interaction style
System Android
System details
Latest version 2.6 / 17 Sep 2014
Status Unmaintained
Uses interpreter
Multimedia support
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Text Fiction was an IF interpreter app for Android made by Onyxbits, introduced to the public on January 3, 2014. It can run text-only Z-machine works.

Text Fiction has a flexible open source license that allows authors to publish the app for their own personal stories. Further, the Android APK can be downloaded for side-loading directly from the author's website at http://www.onyxbits.de/textfiction - and is also available on the F-Droid open source app store at https://f-droid.org/wiki/page/de.onyxbits.textfiction - built from the source code on GitHub at https://github.com/onyxbits/TextFiction

Text Fiction has a unique user interface that simulates text messaging between the player and the Z-machine engine. It has been popular with players and has been well rated by the Android user community.

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