The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters

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How They Begin

Celeste Temple version

You are Miss Celeste Temple, a 25 year-old woman, carrying a letter. You are in your sleeping room in Hotel Boniface; the adjacent rooms are the dressing room, the maids' quarters, and your Aunt Agathe's sleeping room.

You are upset because of the letter: Roger Bascombe broke off his engagement with you yesterday with no explanation why. His letter only says that he will leave by train for business in the country, and orders you to not contact him or his family while he's gone. You want to find him and get an explanation.

Cardinal Chang version

You are Cardinal Chang, an assassin-for-hire, carrying nothing at the Raton Marine, a run-down tavern. The bar is to the east, and the exit is north. You are approached by a uniformed trooper who vaguely suggests he has a job for you, and to meet him and his associates by the balcony along the North Bank.


Note: These are actually two different games with the same name that are related to each other and released simultaneously.

Celeste Temple version

Cardinal Chang version

  • The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters (Jefferson Rabb; publisher: Random House; Jul-2006; Z-code).




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