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TravelComp was organized by Alexander (Sasha) Spiridonov in 2001. The theme was traveling. Only two entries were submitted. The one selected as the winner was written in Russian, and apparently received high praise from the organizer, inciting the community's interest; however, Spiridonov did not make it publicly available. The community questioned this choice. Spiridonov subsequently stated that he had received the two valid entries as well as "several invalid ones" and explained about the winning entry:

As I have discovered later, the entry was not destined for this competition per se; rather, it was a long-lasting _commercial_ project. I do not know the reasons that motivated her to submit it as an entry. She made _no_ commitment to release the entry to the public; I never asked for one. The fact remains, however, that shortly before the deadline came, I received a ZIP disc containing the entry (programmed in Delphi). For reasons previously mentioned, I enjoyed the game, and awarded it first place. [1]

He claimed to be unable to share the entry due to its large size, and owing to the author's intention to eventually release it as a commercial work.


The two entries were awarded first and second place:

  1. Suddenly, The Trains Departed (Anna Rostovtseva; 2001; MS-Windows). Russian. Written in Delphi. Never released to the public.
  2. On a Horse with No Name (Greg Ewing; 2001; Alan).