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Authoring system
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Developer Chris Klimas
Format HTML
Interaction style Choice
Systems Browser, Windows, macOS, Linux
System details
Latest version 2.8.1 / 3 Jan 2024
Status Stable
Uses interpreter
Multimedia support same as HTML5
License GPL-3.0
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Twine is an authoring system for choice-based interactive fiction, developed by Chris Klimas. It outputs stories as HTML/CSS web pages.

Twine 2 is a browser-based app, while Twine 1 is a desktop app. Source files are not compatible between the two versions. Only Twine 2 is in active development as of 2023.

Twine 1 story files have a .tws file extension; output files are saved with a .html extension. Twine 2 uses HTML files as both source files and playable output files.

Twine 1 is also released with Twee, the command-line version of Twine. This allows Twine authors to use their own editors instead of Twine's interface, if they prefer. In 2019, the Twee 3 specification was released as a draft. Twine 2-compatible HTML files can be compiled from twee 3 source using tweego.

Story Formats

Twine requires story formats in order to produce playable HTML files. Story formats provide different ways to display text and links in the browser, and special markup (or macros) in the source code to aid authors.

The default story formats for Twine 2 are:

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