Authoring systems for choice-based IF

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This list shows stable authoring systems that can be used to create Choice-based interactive fiction. They are listed in date order (latest release first).

Authoring system Link Style System Multimedia support Updated
Twine Download Run online Choice Browser, Windows, macOS, Linux same as HTML5 2024-01-03
Iffinity Download Choice Windows, macOS, Linux No multimedia per se, but supports anything a regular HTML page (with JS/CSS) would support. 2023-11-19
Moiki Run online Choice Browser Images, sounds, colors, fonts. 2023-09-14
INSTEAD Download Run online Parser, Choice, Parser-choice hybrid Browser, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Other graphics, sound 2023-09-01
Folia Download Choice Windows, Linux Displays images in a dedicated pane, as well as background images, and supports image effects such as alpha blending. Sound is supported. 2023-08-31 Choice Browser, iOS, Android graphics, sound 2023-08-14
PICO-8 Choice Browser, Windows, macOS, Linux, Other Supports color effects, graphics, music, and sound effects. 2022-08-28
Ren'Py Download Choice Windows, macOS, Linux rich multimedia 2021-12-02
Inklewriter Download Run online Choice Browser 2021-11-06
Ramus Download Choice Other same as HTML5 2021-06-04
Ink Download Run online Choice Browser 2021-02-22
Dialog Download Run online Parser, Choice Browser, Windows, Linux graphics 2021-01-02
Squiffy Download Run online Choice Browser, Windows, macOS, Linux Colour, graphics, sound: possible. 2019-03-25
Dendry Choice Browser, Windows, macOS, Linux
ChoiceScript Download Choice Other Graphics: possible. Sound: ambient.

To see all Choice authoring systems, including ones that may not be stable, you can use the search form or drilldown page.

Note: To update information about an authoring system, please go to its IFWiki page and choose "Edit with form." This list of authoring systems will be updated automatically.

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