Worlds Apart

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Science Fiction
Outer space
Outer space
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XYZZY Awards 1999 Finalist
Best Game, Best Individual NPC, Best NPCs, Best Puzzles, Best Setting, Best Use of Medium, Best Writing
Worlds Apart
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Author(s) Suzanne Britton
Publisher(s) n/a
Release date(s) 1999
Authoring system TADS 2
Platform(s) TADS 2
Language(s) English
License(s) Freeware
Color effects none
Graphics none
Sound/Music none
Cruelty scale Polite

How It Begins

Prologue. Something is lost. Your gills strain for oxygen as not-water encloses you, solid as rock. From the ocean floor, your normally adequate senses fail, but then a child's clear voice pulls you upwards through the not-water, through a roaring vortex. Losing consciousness, you waken on the ocean shore. You see sand and sea, but little else. Grey mist enshroudes this patch of land which saps your strength. Your hand grips a silver locket; was that there before? Your eyes can see a glow inside it, and you remember that you must wear the locket before you can open it.

As you struggle to do so, a black-robed figure approaches. It is Dyrana in form, but distorted and skeletal, more like the raptor-illusions the warriors use than human. It is silent. When you stand, it seems an unseen hand aids you. You wear the locket, then open it with a mental nudge. The light within coalesces into the image of a beautiful hasidja woman with an expanding glow in her own hand. The robed figure, disgusted, fades. Your strength fades with it, and you fall back onto the shore.

"Part I: Remembrance" begins with a passage from "The Book of Thel" by William Blake.

You awaken, again prone on the shore, wearing the silver locket and a tunic. Dyr's mother sun, Areilya, is low on the western horizon. When you stand up, you can also see a large rock here and a stream to the south.

You don't remember who or where you are; you have amnesia. A stab of pain shoots through your forehead. You should tend to your injuries and find out who you are.

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  • Worlds Apart (Suzanne Britton; 1999; TADS 2).
    • XYZZY Awards 1999: Winner of Best Story. Finalist for Best Game, Best Individual NPC (Lyric/Echo), Best NPCs, Best Puzzles, Best Setting, Best Use of Medium, Best Writing.

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