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Link Home page
Developer Dannii Willis
Format Z-code
Interaction style
Systems Browser, Windows, macOS, Linux
System details Is available as a console app through npm. To use online, see Parchment.
Latest version 1.1.6 / 11 Feb 2021
Status Stable
Uses interpreter
Used byLectrote, Parchment
Multimedia support Colour (if the GlkOte library also supports it)
Notes Note that this interpreter cannot simply be downloaded and run to play game files.
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IFVMS stands for the Interactive Fiction Virtual Machines Suite. Its developer and maintainer is Dannii Willis aka curiousdannii. ZVM, a Z-machine virtual machine, is included in the suite.

Description from the NPM page:

ifvms.js, the Javascript Interactive Fiction Virtual Machines project is a new set of third generation VM engines for web IF interpreters. Like the second generation VMs Gnusto and Quixe, the ifvms.js VMs include a Just-In-Time disassembler/compiler. What justifies the third generation label is that the disassembler generates an Abstract Syntax Tree, allowing Inform idioms, for example for and while loops, to be identified and mapped to Javascript control structures (currently not enabled). Identifying these idioms allows the JIT code to run for longer, lowering overheads and therefore increasing performance.

Currently only the Z-Machine is supported, but plans to support Glulx and possibly TADS are in the works.

ifvms.js is MIT licenced, but please help the community by sharing any changes you make with us.


  • ifvms at the NPM Registry.

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