8th Day Software

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8th Day Software (usually shortened to 8th Day and sometimes referred to early on as The Eighth Day) was a developer and publisher of commercial mail-order games for the ZX Spectrum.

The publisher was based on The Wirral, in the UK, and was run by Mike White. It made an early name for itself through its "budget-friendly" range of Quilled Games without Frontiers text adventures, which were sold at a much lower price than those of its competitors.

8th Day also courted controversy in the mainstream media with the release of HRH; a Spitting Image-style parody of the British Royal Family.

Several of the early text-only 8th Day games were later re-released as versions with graphics.

The 8th Day game Quann Tulla was adapted into the CRL release Federation through a deal with Smart Egg which Mike White later regretted.

Unfinished or unreleased 8th Day games include Faerie 2: The Buggon's Gold (a sequel to Faerie), Ardonicus 3 (a demon was released with The Raven), and Barf the Barbarian. Mike White would later use Barf the Barbarian in a series of novels.

After the company ceased activity, its Spectrum games were re-released by GI Games and later incorporated into the Zenobi Software catalogue.